• One 12 or 16-bar verse written and recorded by Tom P.

  • Professionally mixed Tom P vocals.

  • 1-2 Week turnaround.


$200 for Tom P's verse

$50 for Studio time and mixing


Fill out the form below. Once we recieve your message, a team member will respond as soon as possible. From there, we will listen to your previous recordings and have you submit a song with an open verse, or an instrumental you are interested in featuring Tom P on. We listen to all submissions, but ask that the instrumental and/or vocals are mixed (to the best of your ability.) If you do not have access to quality recording, or mixing, check out some of our ADD ONS we can have your verse, and instrumental professionally mixed to industry standards for the cheapest price you will find. Once the song has been submitted, and agreed upon, we need half the payment up-front (covers recording, studio time, mixing.) We accept paypal. If you do not have PayPal, create a Free PayPal Account Here. If the song does not yet have a theme, concept, or recorded vocals, you will be contacted via phone or Skype by Tom P to brainstorm ideas. We will set this up over email. NOTE: Tom P takes writing seriously, whether it is his own material or featured verses. We can guarantee he will spend the time it takes to deliver a quality verse for your project. However, we ask that you allow us at least 2 weeks to finish writing and, at most, 3 weeks to get it recorded, mixed, and mastered. At all times, Tom is working on several features, and his own projects, and this time frame allows us to deliver on a first-come, first-serve basis. During this time, we will keep you updated on the progress. Once the song is complete, we will upload it to a password protected webpage for you to listen to. Once you are satisfied, we will accept the second half of the payment and the song will become available for you to download, and delivered to you via email. We appreciate your interest in working with Tom P and we look forward to making some dope music with you. 


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