After nearly a year since I originally released the song "Sloppy Seconds" featuring my Atlanta-Rap Homey, RITTZ, the stars finally aligned and we were able to find a day to actually shoot a video for it. My homey, Josh, who owns a restaurant here in Atlanta, called Moderna, agreed to let me shoot at his spot. I came up with the idea that 'Sloppy Seconds' would be the name of a fictional restaurant that basically served slop to "lame dudes." Of course, I would be the chef in the kitchen with an entourage of female-employees. Shout out to all the lovely ladies who came out for this. I always appreciate the fuck out of girls who come out for my videos. It's always pretty easy to get dudes out. They are appreciated also. But this video could not be possible with nothing but the homeys. The entire concept required girls to, not only play characters, but also to; get pretty messy.. so much love to y'all for that. RITTZ came out and kicked it for a while. His scenes look incredible by the way. I cant wait until we can drop this. Currently I'm going to hold off until he gets back from a tour he's on right now with Yelawolf. You can probably expect this video to drop early next year, after the holiday. In the meantime, I do have a new video out with the homey JARREN BENTON. Check out Tom P featuring JARREN BENTON ATLANTA NIGHTMARE and subscribe to my Youtube channel. That way you will know first when this drops! Thanks for all the support! #RealATL #SloppySeconds #RITTZ #StrangeMusic #MusicVideo

#RITTZ #MusicVideo #StrangeMusic #Directing #Moderna

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