Atlanta rapper, Tom P, drops a music video for the DFUOB7 contest. Not only was it voted into the top 15 out of over 3,000 entries, it also earned him some of the highest views on Youtube, best comments, and fan praise out of any other entry. However, the contest turned out to be geered toward more amateur videos and, unfortunately, none of the videos which should have won based on votes, quality, lyrics, creativity, or fan praise, were chosen. Instead, Funk Volume chose to conduct a sketchy contest, by claiming 'celebrity judges' would be picking the winners. No such judges were ever announced. As it would turn out, label-head, Dame, hand-picked the winners based on a vague criteria, which obviously ignored most of the stand out videos, including Tom P's. This is not to say anyone in the Tom P camp or Atlanta are bitter about the decision. At the end of the day, who gives a shit. Bigger and better things ahead. Check out Tom P's entry for DFUOB7 Contest below and leave your thoughts.

Tom P - Dont Funk Up Our Beats Contest 2015 - #DFUOB7 - Funk Volume Contest Entry

#FunkVolume #Contest

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