HOT107.9 Atlanta Show - Tom P Headlines

Tom P raps at HOT 107.9 Atlantas number one hip hop station, hosted by the Durtty Boyz, annual event in Atlanta. It was a packed house but mostly because rappers were waiting to rap and showcase their narcassism. Tom P waited patiently with his army of supporters to show them what was up. His show was short but sweet. He only did one song in the same vein as the other performers although had nothing to do, obviously, with the rest of the rappers intentions. This may have seemed strange to other rappers who would quickly judge or not understand why he was in this position but little did they realize it was because Tom P is a veteran of the Atlanta scene and working with Hot 107.9 on a new MTV show. Not to mention has far superior music and technical skills than anyone in the building that night. Hands down. Period. No argument. More on this later.

#HOT1079 #CommercialRadio #Atlantaradio #LiveShows #TheDurttyBoyz

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