RITTZ New Video with Tom P - Sloppy Seconds

Tom P releases 'Sloppy Seconds' featuring Strange Music artist, RITTZ, after a long and much anticipated wait for Atlanta fans. The music video was directed, cast, costumed, and produced by Tom P. Quite a feat considering writing, recording, funding and everything else involved. RITTZ is a long-time ally of the Atlanta rapper who did his feature verse for Tom P's album 'The Preachers Kid' nearly a year prior. The album was released on November 5th in 2013 and reached the iTunes independent charts within the day of its release. The video was filmed by Geoff Hamrick of Imagine Studios. It features some of Tom P's close and personal friends playing each character and was shot at Moderna in Atlanta, one of Tom P's favorite spots owned by friends Kwaku and Josh Alzedah. It is a true testiment to what an independent artist is capable of who sets his mind to his craft and DIY ethic. However, RITTZ has not necessarily been rapping longer than Tom P, despite the youtube comments one may find on the channel. RITTZ and Tom P go way back in their friendship and show history. More on this later. You can watch the video here - Tom P featuring RITTZ - Sloppy Seconds (Official Video)

#StrangeMusic #MusicVideo #RITTZ #Directing #Moderna #SloppySeconds

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