On November 16, 2015, at 11:00 PM MTV True Life Presents Hip Hop Hustlers will air live on national television. The show stars Tom P, among several other cast members, as they try to 'make it' in the music industry from a ground perspective in Atlanta.

I was cast for this last year after a casting agency, working for MTV, contacted me pretty much out of the blue. They said they were doing a show about the Atlanta music scene, which would focus on the 'underground.' This would be a first. From my knowledge, there has never been a show like that. In fact, the entire hip hop scene in Atlanta goes virtually ignored by the national media and, honestly, I don't even think the World knows it really exists. There is a thriving scene full of talented musicians here, myself included, who really dominate the music scene and keep it alive. Most of the rappers who 'make it' seem to do so with connections or, perhaps, drug money, etc. But the people who are out here doing tons of shows, building real (and large) fanbases, throwing events and really grinding do not get recognized at all. So, the importance of a show like this could be paramount, and, hopefully quite beneficial to my career. That is, if it doesn't get some ridiculous MTV-type spin that ends up making what I do look like less then, or more ridiculous, or not at all, like it actually is.

I'll finish writing this later. But for now, set your DVR's or, better yet, watch it live. The shows ratings will decide if it goes to series, which could do wonders for my career. Please post about it on Facebook, Twitter, IG, Tumblr, Pinterest, whatever the fuck you guys use and hashtage #MTVTrueLife and #TomPATL. They will be watching to see how much 'buzz' the show gets, so every bit really does help.

#MTV #HipHopHustlers #TrueLife

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