Tom P World Premiere Viewing Party in ATLANTA for MTV True Life Presents: Hip Hop Hustlers

The viewing party for MTV Presents Hip Hop Hustlers was a HUGE SUCCESS! I organized it along wth Cache and Bliss and collectively had about 200 people in the building. This was my 'VIP' section, although every one there was allowed in. It was all fam, homeys, good friends and supporters. The place was full of positive vibes and great energy during the premiere. I was a little nervous how this was going to turn out but ended up pleasantly surprised. They didn't make me look to stupid... lol. Plus tons of my homeys got some facetime during the show scene toward the end of the program. That part of the show was real. I did actually throw that event and everyone in the crowd were homeys from around Atlanta so it was dope so many good friends got a chance to have their face on TV. The venue is also a spot I frequent called Union and the owners are good friends of mine. I'll have some more thoughts on all this for you later. Here are some more pics from the evening.

#MTV #HipHopHustlers #TrueLife #Events

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