Outkast Influence in Atlanta and new Music Video | Tom P Talks | Episode 1

Tom P Talks Episode 1, a new weekly mini-series on YouTube starring Atlanta rapper, Tom P, his brother Ashe, Paul T, and more guests. The show covers all-things Atlanta, and gives fans and subscribers an inside look into the day-to day or at least weekly happenings in the life of the hip hop artist and those around him. Tom P talks about Atlanta rap duo; Outkast; consisting of Big Boi and Andre 3000; their influence on his career and the conception of his new song 'The Last Outkast.' The music video accompanying the song is to be released soon and will be featured on the Atlanta rappers up and coming album / mixtape. The song was produced by Justin Padron of 882 Studios, who also made contributions to Tom P's three solo albums, Tom P, Root for the Underdog, and The Preachers' Kid. The latter two are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and on Tom P's website www.tompraps.com

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