How to Write a Rap Song | Tom P Talks | Episode 3

Tom P Talks Episode 3. Please Subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Links to music and more in the description below.

Tom P talks about writing music and how he structures his songs. I also take a look into his past as a writer, in general. He explains how to write rap songs, write better, rhyme better, construct punchlines and rhymes and gives tips into his own writing process. Tom has been writing and creating hip hop music for ten years and has successfully released three independent albums; Tom P, Root for the Underdog and The Preachers' Kid, which are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and wherever music is sold on-line.

Tom-P also speaks on how he organizes (or lack there of) his many songs on his computer and various notebooks so he can access certain punchlines or rhyme schemes and re-use them in different songs or tracks. Finally, he talks about his love for writing, in general, and shows us some old stories he wrote as a kid, which he still has stored away, kept all of these years.

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