MTV Hip Hop Hustlers Stars Local Atlanta White Rapper, Tom P, Behind the Scenes Look | Tom P Talks |

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TOM P TALKS EPISODE 5 _________________________________________ Tom P talks about starring on the MTV reality show "Atlanta Hip Hop Hustlers," which aired its' pilot episode in November 2015. The Atlanta rapper was chosen from many potential cast members based on numerous criteria. One, of which, was filming and submitting a "day in the life" video, where each candidate had less than two days to put together a short documentary about their every day lives. Tom P was currently organizing a music video "Sloppy Seconds" featuring RITTZ, so the 'day in the life' mostly consists of preparing for the shoot. However, Tom also ends up back stage at a club where he runs into long-time friend and local Atlanta star, Trinidad James. From there, he introduces his friends, and family; goes to a costume story where he gets randomly pranked for a completely separate show, The Carbonaro Effect on TruTV. He also drops by the studio to say whats up to Justin Padron of 882 Studios in Atlanta, and runs into rap duo GoldYard. After some sleep, Tom P films a short segment at GSU where he was attending college, and winds up at Union in East Atlanta where a bunch of his friends hang out. Make sure to stay tuned for more 'Tom P Talks' episodes, dropping every Monday on YouTube.

MUSIC VIDEOS___________________________________________

Tom P featuring RITTZ 'Sloppy Seconds (Official Music Video)

Tom P featuring Jarren Benton 'ATL Nightmare' (Official Music Video)

Tom P featuring Logan Bradford 'My City' (Official Music Video)

TOM P TALKS EPISODES___________________________________

Episode 1 - Outkast / Making of a music video -

Episode 2 - Boat Party & Little Five Points -

Episode 3 - Writing raps and song structure -

Episode 4 - Hanging with Michael Carbonaro -

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