White Atlanta Rapper, Tom P, Kills Freestyle Rap | Tom P Talks | Episode 7

Tom P Talks Episode 7. Support Tom P. Get his new album 'The Preachers Kid' on iTunes HERE http://bit.ly/TOMP-iTunes

In this episode, Tom P and his brother, Ashe, stay up late and have a freestyle session in the car for their weekly series 'Tom P Talks,' which features random happenings, shows, updates, announcements, events, and behind the scenes in Tom P's music career. The freestyle in this video was purely for fun and entertainment, was not written or rehearsed and should be taken as such. Check out some of Tom P's material at the links provided below & follow us on-line!



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TOM P TALKS EPISODES________________________________________

Episode 1 - New Tom P Music Video http://bit.ly/TomP-Talks1

Episode 2 - Little 5 Points Atlanta History / Crazy Boat Party http://bit.ly/TomP-Talks2

Episode 3 - Writing Raps with Tom P http://bit.ly/TomP-Talks3

Episode 4 - Michael Carbonaro Live Show / Backstage / Shout Out http://bit.ly/TomP-Talks4

Episode 5 - Tom P on MTV & "A Day in the Life" http://bit.ly/TomPTalks5

MUSIC VIDEOS_________________________________________________

Tom P featuring RITTZ 'Sloppy Seconds (Official Music Video) http://bit.ly/TOMP-SloppySeconds

Tom P featuring Jarren Benton 'ATL Nightmare' (Official Music Video) http://bit.ly/Tom-P-ft-Jarren-Benton

Tom P featuring Logan Bradford 'My City' (Official Music Video) http://bit.ly/MYCITY_VIDEO

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